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id Studio is a full scale electrical sign and custom fabrication shop.  Whether you need neon signs, fluorescent, LED signs, wood signs, interior signs or exterior signs, we are here to help you build your identity, grow your business and distinguish your company from the competition. 

Our products and services include:

  • electrical sign fabrication and installation
  • interior signage
  • custom metal fabrication
  • logo and graphic design

id Studio has a rich history in design and fabrication, our senior team members have over 40 years of experience in the industry creating signs to fit our clients needs.  We have experience in creating neon signs, marquees, pylons, LED signs, wood signs, door pulls, sconces and a variety of simple to complex custom metal fabrication jobs.  id Studio helps our clients create brand identities; it is more than just a sign program we focus on the branding image that is created to meet the business needs of our clients.  In today's business environment, it is increasingly important to differentiate yourself from the competition - id Studio can help.


For a company to succeed in today's market it is essential that they clearly and effectively communicate their message to their customers.  A company's identity must be a living, breathing display of distinction, conveying an image of endurance, quality and trust.   Accordingly, for our company to succeed it is vital that we provide solutions that  effectively allow our clients to communicate their image and attract customers.

id Studio offers custom solutions created to fit the needs of our clients.  Every company has a unique blend of product, personality and image that can be effectively conveyed through their identity program.  We have built specialized teams of experienced professionals, offering expertise in design, fabrication, installation, project management and customer service to support our clients in their business. 

We offer design and fabrication of electrical signs, interior signs, architectural structures, custom metal fabrication (like the door pulls, sconces, custom lighting and exterior archways), A.D.A. signs, neon and LED lighting.


Effective identity programs are developed one-on-one cooperatively with our clients and designers, resulting in distinctive designs and effective brand communication.  Superior skill, broad experience and endless creativity are key factors to our design programs.  All electrical signs are UL approved and structural engineering is employed on applicable projects.  We also work have collaborative network of architects and freelance designers for special projects.


We take great pride in our work and it shows in everything we send out the door.  The art of fabrication has been perfected by our employees for over 30 years.  Our fabricators are the industry standard with an eye on detail and a mindset on cost controls.  At the forefront to our manufacturing process, id Studio considers the project's longevity, easy of maintenance and quality.  Technical advancements in materials and lighting are also critical to state of the art fabrication.  Materials are the foundation of the project, whether its interior projects or thirty foot pylons, quality materials are critical to the structural integrity and visual image of our client's projects. 


For more information about our products and services, please call 714-516-3333 or email info@idstu.com